The Smithfield’s Foods Company


Smithfield’s Foods Company is a global meat packaging company that is based in Smithfield, Virginia, in the United States. The companies’ heart is centered at providing good food in a responsible way. The company is one of the world’s largest pork processors and hog producer. Their core values include community involvement, good animal care, food safety, employees’ safety, positive environmental impact and quality programs. Through this, they can meet their demands and provide good food in a responsible way. The company has some policies that help them achieve their goal as follows. To know more about the company, people can go to this link

Their first policy is in robust animal care. The company is committed to ensuring the humane treatment of animals while producing wholesale food products. Their main packaging product is meat, and hence they have carried out an internal and third-party audit to analyze and check on their practices and operations when handling the animals. Smithfield’s Foods Company has well-written animal care programs to ensure animals wellbeing. They also have good shelters for animals that are designed and maintained by me every animal’s needs. Also, they also take good care of the animals by giving them good water and food and proper medical care if they are in need of care. The workers are encouraged to treat the animals with care and stick measure have been put in place for those who break the policies.

Smithfield’s Foods Company also has water policies. The company has a strict commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, and one of the ways to do so is by conserving water as a natural resource. The most impactful way they do so is by taking the leadership role in managing water supplies in close relation with the community. Therefore, the company aims at maintaining the quality of water by implementing proactive management systems to conserve and improve the efficient use of water supplies. The best way they do this is through cooperation with the local communities and regulatory agents to actively manage this water resources. They have received awards

The last policy that guides Smithfield’s Foods Company is its environmental policy. This is a fundamental policy for any organic food company, and as for the case of Smithfield’s Foods Company, they strive to protect the environment through sustainable operations. The company aims at steering the operations towards the improvement of the environment. Also, the company is committed to following the laid out environmental regulations in all their operations. The Environmental Management System (EMS) acts as the guideline towards implementation of their services, products, and activities.


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